SFvJ offers tours with the heritage train between Faaborg and Korinth. Plan the festivities together with SFvJ. You and your guest will enjoy the cosy "slow train" of 1950's on the small railway in South Funen.  

  Let "Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane" be a festive part of your event. It may be a much needed break in a training course, a birthday celebration, a wedding party or an excursion with family, friends and work mates. There are many occasions and possibilities and SFvJ could be an unforgettable experience.  

  The train journey departs from Faaborg, Korinth or one of SFvJ's smaller stops. If you and your guests stay at Hotel Faaborg Fjord, you can board the train from the hotel's private halt, Horseløkke.  
  The timetable will be put together following your wishes and requirements. The trains can stop at "Lucienhøj" and you can enjoy the fantastic views over the South Funen Archipelago and all the way to South Jutland or take a hike among the barrows in the nearby Pipstorn Forest. You can also plan a longer stop in Faaborg or Korinth before returning to your starting point. SFvJ also offers "night trains", an unique experience under the dim lights in the carriages. If you want to see and learn more about SFvJ a guided tour of the sheds in Faaborg could be a part of your tour.  
  It is possible for you and your guests to enjoy food and drinks during a visit to "Syd Fyenske Veteranjernbane". You can dine before, during or after the journey. The staff from "Café The Oil Can" will help serving the food and drinks, but SFvJ cannot deliver the food.  

  Trains can be put together with carriages suited to your needs and wishes. One train can carry up to 150 seated passengers including four wheelchairs in OKMJ J 81, which is equipped with an electric lift.  

  The price of your own heritage train depends on the number of carriages and seats required. The money paid will cover costs of diesel, lubricants, maintenance of locomotives, carriages and tracks. Apart from being an unique experience your special train will support SFvJ and an important cultural and historical attraction - the heritage railway between Faaborg and Korinth.  
  The trains are staffed with voluntary members of SFvJ working in the spare time. We cannot promise we will be able to run trains at any time but we will do our outmost to fulfil your wishes for your own special train.  


Further information and reservation

If you want to order your special train or want more information about trains, excursions and events, please contact

President Jørn Knudsen
Phone: + 45 62 62 36 96 / + 45 20 15 15 53
Email: jokn@sfvj.dk